Lallemand Inc acquired, in December 2013, the marine bio-technology business & assets of Aquapharm Bio-Discovery Limited, based at the European Centre for Marine Biotechnology in Oban.

Renamed Lallemand Aquapharm, the business focuses on the selection and screening of marine microorganisms.  It possesses a library of more than 10,000 marine microorganisms harvested worldwide from unique marine habitats.  Thanks to its patented SeaRchTM technology,  Lallemand Aquapharm has the expertise and facilities to screen and identify new bacterial strains and novel classes of compounds for use across a number of industry sectors.

A broad and diverse R&D resource situated close to some of the world's leading marine research organisations.

Lallemand Aquapharm works closely with a number of Scottish Universities and strategic partners to develop new microbial solutions to address the challenges facing aquaculture producers. The library is also available for use by third party organizations seeking novel marine derived organisms.

Research areas at a glance include:

Selection of microorganisms with specific properties to “bioremediate” Aquaculture ponds

  • Selection of microorganisms with competitive exclusion properties across various aquaculture species
  • Selection of microorganisms or microbial derived bioactive fractions to address some of the main challenges of modern Aquaculture (ectoparasite management, early mortality syndrome, etc).